Please note: airbeds must be at room temperature prior to inflation to help avoid leaks.

  1. Remove the airbed from the plastic bag. (Keep bag away from children and dispose of bag safely.)
  2. Place your rolled-up bed on the floor with plenty of space and away from sharp objects.
  3. Before inflation, locate the valve at the end of the bed and open the cap.
  4. To use the AC pump, insert the pump nozzle into the valve opening, then press the switch to turn on the pump. (Keep pump away from water.)
  5. To prevent bursting, do not over inflate or use a high-pressure air compressor. Do not leave airbed unattended during inflation.
  6. Listen closely for a high-pitched whining sound, which will signal that the airbed is now inflated to its fullest, firmest capacity.
  7. Once the airbed is fully inflated, remove the pump and tighten the valve cap.

Caution: Sleep in the center of the bed rather than on the edges (as edges are less supportive and may crush under weight).


Deflation & Storage

There are two ways to deflate the airbed: turn the pump to the deflate position (if applicable) and let the pump do the work, or open the valve and simply let the air flow out.

  1. Point the exhaust valve away from any person.
  2. Open the valve cap and release air.
  3. Fold the sides of bed into the center along its length. Tightly roll your bed towards the air release valve.
  4. Roll the bed until all air is completely expelled.
  5. When the bed is completely rolled, close the air valve.
  6. Place the bed in a bag or box so it won’t unroll.
  7. Store in a dry, clean location.


Care & Maintenance

  • Inspect your airbed prior to each use.
  • Keep your airbed away from sharp objects. Large cuts or snags may be too big to repair and will not be covered by your warranty.
  • When not in use, we recommend storing your airbed in a clean, dry place away from extreme temperatures and sunlight.
  • Make sure your airbed is at room temperature before inflating.
  • We recommend that you do not let the plush surface of your airbed get wet. Repeated exposure to water or other liquids may cause damage to the plush surface that will not be covered by your warranty. Should liquid come into contact with the plush surface, blot the liquid dry and use a damp cloth to remove any stains. Let the surface dry completely before storage or use.
  • Do not store your airbed folded inside a sofa-bed, futon or roll-away bed. Not only can it damage the airbed, improper storage will void your warranty.
  • A repair patch has been included in case of incidental damage to your airbed. Please follow the repair instructions carefully.

If needed, you may clean the PVC on the sides and bottom of your airbed with a mild dishwashing detergent or household cleaner. Do not use strong chemicals or other compounds, which may impact durability. Be sure to let your airbed dry completely after cleaning and before storing.